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Travelling to Berlin by Glider 700 km - Day 2

Lowpass at the Brocken, flying south of Berlin and dumping 170 liters of water ballast above the beautiful Erzgebirge. Another exciting flight with highs and lows!
This was my second flight of the 2400 km and 25 hours flight experience in Germany and Austria. Don´t miss the last one with epic flying in the Alps!

Flighttrack: https://www.weglide.org/flight/66749

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Rob Crosley : Awesome Stefan, did you stay on the airfields overnight, as organising accommodation beforehand would be unlikely because you couldn’t be sure of your exact destination each day ? Well done, good flying
Gliding Passion Germany : Wie hast du jede Nacht geschlafen und so? Kannst du da vielleicht noch ein Video drüber machen?
SILV3R -_- : Hi! First of all thank you for the amazing content, I'm a wanna be pilot and I assure you, I want to learn glider flying too! It must be such a wonderful feeling of freedom and peace!
Secondly, I have a question:
Once, you posted a video that you were up in the flight levels and even talking to the atc, however, in a usual glider flight that you can get good thermals and fly like you do, 700 km, how do you separate from powered airplanes on approaches or departures, is it only visually? Is it safe?
Thank you for the answer!
Safe winds and strong thermals sir
Christian Neyses : Ich wollte mich mal für Deine tollen Videos bedanken. Ich bin ein viel zu großer Schisser um selber in so nem Ding zu fliegen aber so kann ich die tolle Aussicht genießen die Du immer gut rüberbringst. Was für ein schönes Hobby/Sport. Danke fürs Teilhaben lassen.
gerrixx : Du bist in EDOA gelandet… mein Heimatflugplatz. „Hätt ich Dich heut erwartet, hätt ich Kuchen gebacken…“ Ich hoffe die Vogtländer waren freundlich zu Dir? LG

Rich Man´s Toys?! | How much does a Glider cost?

What does it cost to have your own sailplane? Breakdown of the costs of an 18 meter wingspan glider (ASG29) vs. Audi RS6 car.

Costs of an Audi RS6: https://www.adac.de/_mmm/pdf/autokostenuebersicht_a-d_47086.pdf

Jon Olsson RS6 picture (thumbnail): https://www.abt-sportsline.de/news/news/735-ps-und-split-camo-abt-uebergibt-einmaligen-rs6-an-skistar-jon-olsson/

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Josephine Bennington : The cost of this shopping list is one thing. The main thing is....Who, and how, is paying for your gliders and additional costs, Stefan?
Hydden N. Plainsyght : What is the tow-cost per flight?
SP : However you can't land anywhere you want, stretch you legs, have a walk and take off again. You are also alone, at least you need to have two seated glider to take a friend or spouse with. May be to buy a bush plane is a better option.
Renato Perauna Calderón : I found a SZD-36 cobra 15 glider for sale at 3000 dollars (including trailer), the owner says he can't fly in his city and that's why he's selling his glider with his trailer, I don't know much about gliders, I don't know if It is a scam or not, but if this sale is true I definitely want to buy it, what do you think?
stealhty1 : Your Numbers are very Similar to USA cost

ALIE CUTS OFF Vy & Regina's HAIR! Stalkers Alie and Leak Arrested!


After Chad Wild Clay made "I'm ARRESTED \u0026 Trapped Inside! Spy Ninjas Team Up w/ Cops to Sneak Out Escaping Prison in Real Life", Vy Qwaint created "IS THAT The LEADER of PROJECT ZORGO? Spy Ninjas YouTubers Teamup w/ COP to Sneak Arrest Chef Peters", Daniel Gizmo uploaded "My EX-GIRLFRIEND'S BROTHER is the BULLY? Lie Detector Test on Alie GOES TOO FAR, Is Shocking", and Melvin PZ9 filmed "CHEF PETERS Wants to be the NEW Project Zorgo LEADER? ROBLOX Bee Swarm Simulator" we found out that Chad has a secret admirer. We don't know who it is but we are highly sus of this person. The mystery person keeps sending Chad gifts, which is eerily similar to what happened to the Spy Ninjas last year with the stalker situation. Is the person sending Chad all these gifts a bad guy? We know that Agent Peters aka Chef Crouton is planning to bring back Project Zorgo 2.0. He is recruiting people on Roblox to become new hackers! Alie and the Leak are teaming up with Peters, so Regina and Vy decide to get Alie and the Leak arrested for all their crimes. We are also found out that there have been hackers hired by Chef Crouton to steal Spy Ninja fan's merch! They are being bullies. Luckily, after a couple of battle royales, Regina and Vy take down the hackers and get Alie and the Leak arrested. Hopefully, the Spy Ninjas stop Project Zorgo 2.0 from happening! Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy adventure vlog videos in 2021!

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LazarBeam - SEASON 7 MEMES (fortnite is back)

Dhar Mann - Boss FIRES AUTISTIC Employee, Instantly Regrets It | Dhar Mann


SSSniperwolf - Karens Who Got Caught On Camera

Aphmau - Adopted by 100% BUFF Family In Minecraft!

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Masrom Kosnan : Im crying right now.

Remember guys we need tto remembr dougles
Samin Sumana : I got bullied by PZ squire we go to the same school well online school he called me a loser and hacked the teachers laptop and kicked me out of the meeting
Maki Lacsamana : At 15:30 Regina almost said my leg
soheila rabashian : stop being Evelyn
sandraz lee : Haiiiiiiiiiii spy ninjas




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