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K9 PRO 자동손소독제 손소독디스펜서-비접촉온도측정기 적외선온도계 *웰빙 건강정보 전문채널 여우타임!!

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Inkbird WiFi temperature gateway and sensors - Setup and Troubleshooting

Inkbird WiFi temperature gateway and sensors - Setup and Troubleshooting

I will cover why if you are a homebrewer or simply have a beer fridge you need this as it can be set to alert you over the Internet to your app whenever there is a temperature or humidity problem. This can also of course be used for a ton of other users around your house or business.

Products Covered:
Inkbird IBS-M1 WiFi Gateway
Inkbird wireless sensor - Humidity and Temperature - IBS-TH2
(Do NOT buy the IBS-TH2 that states it only does Temperature as its not the same and has awful range through anything.)
Inkbird Pro App (Free)
Batteries Needed (8 x AAA)
Cooler Shock Reusable Ice Packs (I use these to chill my wort too)

0:00 - Products being covered
0:26 - Book Giveaway
0:42 - Why I bought the Inkbird IBS-M1 WiFi Gateway and 4 - Inkbird IBS-TH2 Sensors
1:58 - Affordable Low cost solution for temperature monitoring
2:37 - What is being covered in this video
3:14 - Inkbird IBS-M1 Gateway
3:24 - Inkbird Pro App
4:10 - What I purchased and lots of details
4:40 - Gateway details and range
5:18 - What is supported?
6:36 - What comes in the box for the sensors
7:05 - Adding Sensors \u0026 Inkbird Pro App
7:58 - Critical Information on 2.4 Ghz \u0026 5 Ghz WiFi
9:06 - Inkbird Pro App Configuration setup
10:43 - Troubleshooting Inkbird gateway IBS-M1
chris decker : Inkbird. This system seems like a pain for someone who isn’t tech savvy
Crewewolf : Thank you for the review those guys at Inkbird do some good work, but i have been struggling to get our central heating to work (Hive) never thought of turning the 5ghz off till it gets going. Will try that Thanks Sir
Joseph Crawford : Great video, I will have to look into the Inkbird sensors when I build a keezer or kegerator, I wonder are they submergible, could you put one into a jockey box and have it report the temp there so you know when to add more ice?
Sankara Home Brewing : Great review. Never thought of turning off the 5gz until you said something. Does that work for all wifi devices? Cheers!
Jeffery Bishop : Great video about the remote Inkbird sensors. I have a handful of the Govee sensors that I bought a few years ago. I use them for remote temp and humidity monitoring. Remote sensing with the alarms is a great way to keep tabs on things before you have a problem on your hands.

Consider a 5.6 m^2 collector with F’ = 0.893, Uc = 3.85 W/m^2-K ( Ta)s = 0.79 and a flow rate

Consider a 5.6 m^2 collector with F’ = 0.893, Uc = 3.85 W/m^2-K ( Ta)s = 0.79 and a flow rate, G = 0.015 kg/m^2-sec. Determine FR, qu, n , when water enters at 35C, the ambient is 14.2C, and I = 1350 W/m^2.
Ta = tou alpha
n =efficiency




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